The Extent of my Collusion with the Media

Short version: None

It occurs to me that over the years my comments on news websites may have seemed very friendly with some journalists. And for the most part, I do feel quite friendly towards many of them. However, it also occurs to me that this may give other people the wrong idea – that perhaps I actually know them, or that I'm in contact with them, by email for example.

I'm not. To the best of my knowledge, the only contact I've had with journalists, the media etc. is entirely a matter of public record, in the form of comments on public websites - and these comments can be viewed by anyone.

The only exceptions to this were some time ago, and were generally as a result of freelancers or, in one case, a magazine, asking me for a story or small comment piece. I turned down all of them – usually because the offer was oddly unsuitable, for example on a subject I knew very little about. Nothing of very much interest was said in any of these conversations. There were also some very limited dealings with the press during the Fair Pay campaign that started this website back in 07/08.

The final exception to this rule was as a result of a fairly short relationship I had with a woman some years ago who turned out to have links to the media. As far as I remember we never discussed anything that could potentially embarrass other people.

Last updated: 22/11/17.