1,000 to 1,500 Jobs to be Lost at Middlesbrough Council

Exciting Times: Up to half of council's employees to be sacked due to budget savings - consultation to be opened.

The Northern Echo and Evening Gazette report that Middlesbrough must save an additional £11M on top of previous cost-saving estimates, which may result in the loss of up to 1,500 employees - over half the number of people currently working at the council (2,500).

In a subsequent article, the Northern Echo reports that 600 jobs have already been lost since 2010.

Looking at the Council's own 'employment details' figures published on their website, we can see that they have indeed reduced their headcount by 554. However, measured in terms of full-time jobs, the number of people employed has actually only reduced by 227 (Note: figures don't include school staff.)

The new budget will be outlined towards the end of November, and a consultation opened. The full timetable looks like this:

November 20: Mayor outlines budget proposals to full Council.
Mid-November 2013 to January 2014: Public consultation.
January 2014: Review of consultation feedback.
February 2014: Draft budget agreed.
March 2014: Council finalises 2014/15 budget.

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