National Public Sector Strike - Day One

The planned 2-day strike by the Public and Commercial Services union went ahead today and, according to the PCS, brought 200,000 civil servants out on strike.

The strike has received coverage from local and national press across the country. The Times covers the story here for example. A sample of regional news: Nottingham workers' story is here, you can read the view from the North East here, here's Shropshire's perspective, London's report here, etc.

HMRC say that one third of their staff walked out, and various arms of government have been hit, including border controls and the Department for Work and Pensions.

According to the Times article, the Cabinet Office claims that only 15% of affected civil servants took action.

The dispute centres around cutbacks in the redundancy and early retirement scheme that is designed to save £500M.

While public sector workers' terms, conditions and retirement payments appear to be under attack across the country, coincidentally, public sector retirement schemes have been receiving quite a lot of negative publicity in the media recently.