How Much do the Sugababes Cost?

Thanks to an FOI request submitted to Ashfield District Council, we now know the answer: It's about £70,000.

But this is perhaps the least interesting part of the information. Included in the FOI data is an audit report of the (massively over-budget) Ashfield Show.

The report suggests that timescales and pressures became so intense that mistakes were made.

Ashfield hoped for increased sponsorship revenue as a result of booking the Sugababes, but don't seem to have got it. A deal for £15,000 was struck with Tesco, but there doesn't seem to be anything written down. The audit report recommends that these things be put in writing in future.

The audit report also suggests, as a high priority, that in future the council cabinet might like to be a bit clearer in its orders and follow the constitution.

It also points out that the contract signed with the Sugababes' agency, Aries Entertainment, was apparently signed on the 31st April. Kudos to the auditor for noticing that there are only 30 days in April.

The council also hired some 2-way radios that apparently were never returned, and 25 metres of electrical cable that went missing with "no explanation", incurring costs of over £1,000.