Broxtowe Borough Council Update: Budgets, Ballots, Appeals and Politics

Nottinghamshire's Broxtowe Borough Council's new budget introduces car parking charges, and also causes a political row as funding is cut to parish councils.

Meanwhile, job evaluation appeals are under way, with a deadline of 15th January 2010 to get the forms in. Appeals will be heard from February through to April. Unison has expressed concern over the wording of the proposed new terms and conditions, and they will be aiming to ballot members in early 2010. Minutes of the December council meeting can be found here.

Broxtowe announced its job evaluation results on Friday 9th October 2009, lagging behind Nottinghamshire County Council's implementation by 2 years. Broxtowe is following what by now should be a familiar pattern - a quarter of the workers take a pay cut, a quarter get a rise and half stay the same, giving a sufficient majority to pass a union vote.

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