Fair Pay Links and Resources

A list of links, resources and documents that may be useful in a fight for fair pay. Last edit: 08.05.11.

Resources - FOI

Sample letter for obtaining the raw data behind job evaluation via FOI
What Do They Know? Website for facilitating and publishing FOI requests.


Single Status News from the Labour Union Digest
Independent Birmingham local news from The Stirrer - Often a good source of info on Birmingham City Council.
Notts SOS - Activist group fighting budget cutbacks in Nottinghamshire.

Fair Pay - Equal Pay Act 1970

The Equal Pay Act was the historical and legal starting point of Single Status and Job Evaluation.

A brief summary from Wikipedia
The Act itself.

Fair Pay - Age Discrimination

Background information from ACAS.
A more detailed PDF fact sheet from ACAS.

Fair Pay - UK Wage Statistics

Report on wages in the UK 2002
Report on wages in the UK 1997-2008
Source website for these ONS reports

Fair Pay - Central Government Reports

Local authorities' investments and reserves - Information on councils' financial reserves from the Communities and Local Government Select Committee's Seventh report, May 2009.

Public Sector Finance

Summary of council losses incurred from Icelandic bank collapse and analysis of financial advice given - Communities and Local Government Select Committee's Seventh report, May 2009.

2007 3-year Comprehensive Spending Review

Government summary of the 2007 Pre-Budget Report and Comprehensive Spending Review
LGA Analysis and Response to Government's 2007 Comprehensive Spending Review
Manchester City Council's analysis of the CSR07

2007 Government White Paper: Strong and Prosperous Communities

Full paper
Summary of responses to the White Paper
NCC considers its response
NCC's response

Conservative Party Policy

LGA Response to the proposals

Pre-Budget Report 2009

Full Report

Local Government Funding/Spending Data

"Key Facts" about local government funding from the Government Communities Dept. Lots of info about funding from government, very little data on the other sources of local government income.
Graph based on data from the above report
Data from HM Treasury Researchers beware: Take careful notice of the many notes that accompany each dataset.
Council Formula Grant tables/calculations 2008/2009