Future Jobs in Nottinghamshire

The Future Jobs Fund is coming up to speed in Nottingham, according to the Nottingham Evening Post.

The paper reports the Government is spending about £6M on creating 1,000 new temporary jobs.

The jobs are said to include environmental work, gardening, horticulture assistants and trainee sound engineers.

The cash arrives from Government via a bid for funds through the FJF. The bid was made by Enable, on behalf of the Notts Partnership, and the jobs in question appear to be mainly or wholly with local government.

Presumably this arms-length arrangement will keep these new temporary-contract, minimum-wage workers safely away from the Single Status Agreement, and therefore ineligible for review under a local government job evaluation scheme.

An under 22-year-old who was only claiming jobseeker's allowance would see their weekly income rise by £69.80 under this scheme.