Government's Pre-Budget Report 2009

The report includes a 1% cap on public sector wage increases for two years (starting from 2011). This is expected to save £3.4Bn by 2013.

PPP organisation Partnerships UK Plc (appears to be involved in a number of PPP projects, including Nottinghamshire's Veolia waste contract) is to be merged with various government bodies to form 'Infrastructure UK'. The LGA response to the announcement says that PUK's '50% interest in Local Partnerships will be acquired by HM Treasury', but that this requires the LGA's permission and is not expected to occur "until after the general election". The full Government PBR states this move is designed to 'build on the unprecedented investment in infrastructure over the last decade", help towards moving to a "low-carbon economy" and "help facilitate private sector investment". The LGA's response notes targets of £550M public sector "efficiency savings", part of which must come from "more efficient waste collection and disposal"

The LGA broadly welcomes the measures in the report and emphasises local government's leading role in bringing about public sector savings. One of the themes of the PBR seems to be about promoting private sector growth at the expense of the public sector.

LGA response summary
Full LGA briefing
Full Pre-Budget Report

Perhaps the strangest measure is the new 'Landline Tax', which places a new tax on the number of individual phone and internet connections you have.