Unions Vote to Accept Poole Council Pay Review

Deja Vu: 13% face pay cuts of up to £3,000. Unions welcome "fair settlement"

The Bournemouth Echo reports that GMB and Unison members have voted 3:1 in favour of a new pay deal for the Borough of Poole Council.

Sadly, it's an all-too-familiar story: 13% lose out, 26% get a rise and the rest are unaffected. The voting turnout is not mentioned, but if everyone in the unions voted then 38% of the workforce made the decision for everyone. One employee quoted in the article says, "We feel very let down. We were told it was not going to affect us." That may indicate that Poole's unions made past promises that no-one would lose out, just like Nottinghamshire's did.

A joint union statement reads, "We all see this as a very clear endorsement that this is an equitable and fair settlement to deliver equal pay." I suspect some might disagree with that statement.

The article also mentions that refuse workers are facing reduced hours and longer routes, and are working to rule in protest.