The Future Jobs Fund

The government is looking for bids from all industry sectors to receive funding to create a target of 150,000 new jobs for 18-24 year olds (an age group that seems to have been most heavily hit by the recession, according to recent figures - there were 528,000 under-24's out of work in July)

"From early 2010, everyone between the ages of 18 and 24 who has been looking for work for a year will get an offer of a job, work experience or training lasting at least 6 months."

The criteria states that a bid must create new jobs, each must be for at least 25 hours per week, must last at least 6 months and the work must benefit local communities - there's an emphasis on 'green' work and 'social enterprises'

The jobs must pay at least minimum wage and the funding is for a maximum of £6,500 for each job. Quick calculation: Minimum wage for 19-21 year olds is £4.83; 6 months of working 25 hours per week = £3,139 (or £6,279 for a year).

Details of employers who have applied for funding can be obtained by FOI.